UA 1176 Studio Compressor Pedal

A True classic in a modern package The 1176 UAFX pedal is named after the iconic Universal Audio 1176LN compressor, which is renowned for its legendary studio compressors used by countless musicians and engineers worldwide. The 1176 compressor is celebrated for its warm and punchy sound, making it a staple in the music industry. The UAFX pedal translates this legacy into a compact stompbox, providing guitarists with the power to sculpt their guitar tones like never before. One of the standout features of the 1176 UAFX is its versatility. This pedal doesn’t just cater to a single genre or style;…

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BOSS SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay


A legend reborn! the BOSS SDE digital delay is back The allure of classic effects lies in their ability to enhance any sound, and the SDE-3000 possesses that enchanting quality. Renowned for its magical touch, this legendary device has been favored by musicians and engineers alike. Its remarkable attributes, such as an expansive dynamic range, adjustable delay phase, lush modulation, and the ability to produce clear yet warm delay tones lasting multiple seconds, made it a highly expressive tool with…

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