Revv Tilt Boost Pedal

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Revv’s new boost pedal – Tilt !

The Tilt Boost is a pedal that provides up to 20dB of natural-sounding level boost, with an easy-to-use Tilt EQ control that simultaneously boosts treble and cuts bass (or vice versa). This allows you to instantly adjust your feel and tone. Additionally, the independent 3-position Tight Switch provides strategic frequency choices, so you can use one knob to add fidelity, recover body, or maintain exact control of low end build-up when adding level for an authentic clean boost without bloat.

The Tilt Boost also features a new Drive Switch, which engages a fat overdriven tone reminiscent of Shawn’s favorite setting on the full-sized Tilt Overdrive. This is perfect for taking your solo to the next level, or giving your sound a bolder, brasher always-on voice.

Professional guitarists have long used quick shaping of their guitar’s signal to achieve their desired sound. Instead of adjusting your entire rig, the Tilt Boost allows you to set your ideal tone and then adjust one single pedal whenever you need to change your sound. This means you can focus on creating, performing, or recording without worrying about troubleshooting multiple spots in your signal chain.

Revv’s Tilt features:

The Tilt Boost is a touch-sensitive analog boost pedal that provides up to 20dB of boost, featuring a unique Tilt control. It’s a standalone miniature boost circuit that’s derived from the award-winning Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive. With this pedal, you can make your rig high-definition, giving you a sound that always cuts through and a feel that showcases your playing.

The Tilt Boost allows for precision sculpting of the low end, making it perfect for achieving an authentically transparent boost. The Tilt control simultaneously affects treble and bass, allowing you to shape the response of your notes. Additionally, the 3-position Tight Switch modifies the low end voicing independent of the Tilt knob.

This pedal is suitable for any guitar, amp, and genre, making it a versatile addition to your setup. It’s designed to give you the right tone every time, with the workflow upgrade that the pros use.

The Tilt Boost provides a record-ready sound that maintains the clarity of your signal path while taking it to the next level. With Boost and Tilt EQ controls, a 3-position Tight switch, and a 2-position Drive switch, you can take control of your tone with a simple, powerful mini pedal that enhances your playing experience.

This pedal features an all-analog design, and is powered by 9v 18mA (center negative external supply only). It also has top jacks and silent relay switching for ease of use.

  • Charcoal black powder-coated matte metallic finish
  • Dimensions: L- 4.375″, W- 2.625″, H- 2″
  • Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Made in Canada

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