BOSS SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay

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A legend reborn! the BOSS SDE digital delay is back

The allure of classic effects lies in their ability to enhance any sound, and the SDE-3000 possesses that enchanting quality. Renowned for its magical touch, this legendary device has been favored by musicians and engineers alike. Its remarkable attributes, such as an expansive dynamic range, adjustable delay phase, lush modulation, and the ability to produce clear yet warm delay tones lasting multiple seconds, made it a highly expressive tool with live instruments. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the SDE-3000’s distinctive voice became an integral part of music, and it continues to inspire those in search of captivating tones and innovative effects. Now, with the SDE-3000D, you can unlock the authentic delay sounds that shaped some of the most iconic tracks ever recorded.

BOSS SDE-3000D digital delay – legendary delay in a small pedal

The Roland SDE-3000D is a floor-based pedal that pays homage to the revered 1983 Roland SDE-3000. This iconic piece of gear marked the beginning of the digital effects era and remains a cherished favorite among enthusiasts. Renowned for its musicality, extensive delay times, and convenient preset storage, the SDE-3000 became the go-to delay machine for top-tier touring guitarists, session musicians, and engineers of its time. Even after four decades, its distinctive sound continues to be highly regarded.

The SDE-3000D takes the beloved qualities of its predecessor and doubles the excitement, offering two authentic reproductions in a single unit. With independent delays, versatile internal routing, and expanded input/output options, this pedal caters to the needs of modern mono and stereo setups. The modulation and tone-shaping capabilities have been further enhanced, providing even greater creative possibilities. Moreover, you can save up to 100 of your favorite setups in its memory bank. With a wide range of onboard and external control options, including comprehensive MIDI support, integrating this inspiring vintage voice into any stage or studio setup is a breeze.

BOSS SDE-3000D digital delay key features:

The Roland SDE-3000D faithfully recreates the legendary rackmount digital delay of the 1980s in a convenient floor-based format. It captures the classic warmth of the original while incorporating extended features tailored for modern setups. The distinctive retro display and panel controls pay homage to the iconic SDE-3000.

Equipped with two fully-featured delays, each with independent parameters, mono/stereo modulation, and panning, the SDE-3000D offers a versatile range of delay effects. The delay time is highly adjustable with two range settings, allowing for precise control from 0 to 1500 ms or 0 to 3000 ms. The modulation capabilities of the pedal are inspired by the original circuit design, delivering characterful and expressive modulation effects.

The SDE-3000D provides phase switches for both the primary delay and the delay feedback loop, enabling further customization of the delay sound. It also features adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters, allowing you to shape the characteristics of the delay feedback sounds.

With two inputs and two outputs, the pedal supports dual mono, wet/dry, or stereo setups, providing flexibility in your signal routing. You can choose between series or parallel operation for the two delays, depending on your desired sound.

The SDE-3000D allows you to save and recall your favorite sounds using its 100 memory slots, ensuring easy access to your preferred delay settings. Additionally, the onboard footswitch can be assigned for tap tempo, hold, and other functions, providing convenient control at your feet.

For expanded functionality, the pedal includes jacks for connecting up to four footswitches, two expression pedals, or the GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller. Furthermore, it offers MIDI input/output on mini TRS jacks, allowing seamless integration with MIDI-compatible devices.

The Roland SDE-3000D combines the vintage charm of the original SDE-3000 with modern enhancements, making it a versatile and inspiring tool for musicians and sound engineers alike.

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