Beetronics SeeBee Harmochorus Chorus Pedal

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The newest SeeBee Harmochorus pedal by Beetronics is wild!

The Seabee is a versatile multi-chorus pedal that takes analog bucket brigade chorus tones to new heights. Beetronics, known for their innovative designs, have created Harmochorus by digitally controlling the chorus delay time, resulting in a novel pitch-shifting modulation that can inspire new genres.

With three classic chorus modes, you can achieve lush and vibey sounds, and each mode allows for control over speed, depth, and intensity. Increasing the chorus delay time opens up a whole new spectrum of sounds.

The Seabee also offers three Harmochorus modes that provide a unique and inspiring approach to the effect. When clean, it produces an angelic accompaniment, but with some added buzz, it can sound like a swarm of killer bees producing dangerous pitch-shifting modulation. Choose from two different pitches and speeds, a combination of twelve chords and twelve arpeggio patterns, or thousands of random patterns.

Beetronics SeeBee Harmochorus Design features:

Despite its simple three-knob layout, the Seabee offers numerous possibilities with alternate controls, three ramp shapes, tap tempo, a 4-way tone filter, feedback control, and a rate that ranges from slow to ultra-fast waves. It even reaches ring modulator ranges.

Additionally, the Seabee has two stereo output options, 16 onboard presets, full MIDI control, expression in, external tap, and 4 input level options. You can process guitar, bass, active pickups, or synthesizers and still keep the bucket brigade in its sweetest spot.

It’s hard to believe that an analog chorus can be so complete, versatile, unique, and intense all at once, but the Seabee proves it possible.

Beetronics SeeBee Harmochorus Highlights:

The Seabee features an analog sound path that delivers the finest bucket brigade chorus tones. With three classic chorus modes and three unique Harmochorus modes, you can achieve never-before-heard pitch-shifting modulation with arpeggios and random patterns.

Truly expressive ramping gives you full musical control over the effect. Additionally, the Seabee offers 16 onboard presets, Tap Tempo, MIDI, Expression, and more. The selectable input level makes it possible to process various instruments such as guitar, bass, active pickups, synthesizers, and more.

Hand-assembled in Los Angeles, CA, the Seabee is a high-quality multi-chorus pedal that offers unparalleled tonal possibilities and creative inspiration.

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