EHX Lizard Queen – Octave Fuzz

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Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz Pedal By EHX and JHS

Electro-Harmonix (EHX) has been a staple in the world of guitar pedals for over 50 years, known for producing high-quality, innovative effects that have been used by countless musicians. Their latest addition to their lineup is the Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz, a pedal that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities.

At its core, the Lizard Queen is an octave fuzz pedal. It’s designed to produce a rich, harmonically complex fuzz sound, with an added octave effect that gives it even more depth and character.

In addition to its octave fuzz circuit, the Lizard Queen also features a range of tone controls that allow guitarists to shape their sound. The pedal has separate controls for volume, tone, and fuzz, giving players a lot of flexibility when it comes to dialing in their ideal tone. The volume control lets you adjust the overall output of the pedal, while the tone control allows you to shape the high-end frequencies of your sound. The fuzz control is where things get really interesting, as it lets you adjust the amount of fuzz in your signal. Crank it up for a thick, saturated sound, or dial it back for a more subtle effect.

One of the great things about the Lizard Queen is its true bypass design. When the pedal is not in use, it won’t affect your guitar’s signal at all. This is an important feature for guitarists who want to maintain the integrity of their tone. The pedal is also housed in a compact, rugged metal enclosure, making it a great choice for gigging musicians.

But what really sets the Lizard Queen apart is its unique sound. The octave fuzz effect is a classic sound that has been used by many guitarists over the years, from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White. The Lizard Queen takes that classic sound and adds its own twist, with a rich, harmonically complex tone that’s unlike anything else on the market.

Overall, the Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz is an exciting new addition to EHX’s lineup of guitar pedals. Its versatile tone controls, true bypass design, and unique octave fuzz circuit make it a great choice for guitarists who want to experiment with different sounds and textures. If you’re looking for a pedal that can help you stand out from the crowd, the Lizard Queen is definitely worth checking out.

Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz features

  • Unique transistor-based octave fuzz distortion circuit designed by Josh Scott
  • Blendable Octave to dial in the analog octave chaos
  • Balance control adjusts between smooth sustaining tones and raspy fuzz tones
  • 1970s Electro-Harmonix graphic designed by Daniel Danger
  • True Bypass
  • 9V Battery included (9V adapter optional)

Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz Specifications

  • Circuit – Analog
  • Bypass – True Bypass
  • Audio – Mono
  • Power Supply – 9V battery included (optional 9.6VDC-200mA power adapter not included)
  • Dimensions (in) – 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1
  • Current Draw – 5mA
  • Year Released – 2023
  • UPC – 683274012414

History of EHX and the Original Lizard Queen Fuzz Pedal

Electro-Harmonix (EHX) has a rich history that dates back to 1968 when it was founded by Mike Matthews, a former Bell Labs engineer who was passionate about music and electronics. The company quickly made a name for itself with its innovative effects pedals, which were unlike anything else on the market at the time.

EHX’s earliest and most iconic pedals include the Big Muff fuzz pedal and the Electric Mistress flanger/chorus pedal. These pedals were used by many influential guitarists of the time, such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Over the years, EHX continued to innovate, introducing new pedals and refining its existing ones.

Today, EHX continues to be a leading manufacturer of effects pedals and other electronic music equipment. The company’s products are known for their unique sound, high quality, and innovative features, and they continue to be used by musicians all over the world.

The Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz is one of EHX’s newest and most exciting products, which builds upon the company’s long legacy of innovation and creativity in the world of guitar pedals. By combining an octave effect with a rich, harmonically complex fuzz tone, the Lizard Queen offers guitarists a range of new sonic possibilities that are sure to inspire creative exploration.

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